What’s on the Horizon for Health Insurance Literacy? Evaluation, Evaluation, Evaluation — With This Five-Point Framework

By Sophie Stern

Last week, Enroll America released a new issue brief on health insurance literacy (HIL). This issue brief sheds light on HIL from the consumer perspective — when, how, and from whom consumers want to receive information on health insurance and how it works.

But several questions still remain about how to effectively prevent the negative consequences of limited HIL, such as buyer’s remorse or loss of coverage completely.

And more evaluation needs to be conducted of current and future resources and programs to determine what’s most effective.

So what’s next on the HIL horizon?

Moving forward, we will apply the following five-point framework (also included on page 8 of our new issue brief) to evaluate all of our HIL-related efforts, and we encourage all of our partners to do the same. In doing so, we hope to uncover more information about how to effectively engage consumers on how to pick a plan that meets their needs and budget, and how to use and renew their coverage once enrolled.

Five-Point Framework for Future Work on HIL 

1. Understand the most persistent HIL knowledge gaps among the remaining uninsured and newly enrolled.

2. Define what information consumers value about health insurance and how to use coverage.

3. Uncover the best times to expose consumers to information about health insurance in order to positively affect their behavior (e.g. when shopping for coverage or during the coverage year).

4. Discover how and under what circumstances consumers are interested in receiving new information about health insurance and how to use coverage.

5. Determine what messengers consumers want to hear from about health insurance and how to use coverage (family, doctor or other health care provider, in-person assister, health insurance company, etc.).

Together, the enrollment community can use this framework to learn more about how to effectively engage consumers — no matter where they are on the health coverage continuum (uninsured, shopping for coverage, or recently enrolled).

Want to stay involved? Register for Enroll America’s 2015 National Conference, June 10 – 12 in Washington, D.C., to attend various workshops on HIL, including sessions to help stakeholders apply the five-point framework to their programming in preparation for the third open enrollment period — space is limited, so sign up to register today!

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