Updated County-Level Maps of HealthCare.Gov Enrollment

By John Malloy

Update, August 3, 2015: The maps now include new data on county-level information on a number of key factors: consumers’ age, race/ethnicity, income, financial help received, metal level of plan selected, and new or renewal customer status.

We’ve known for months that 8.8 million consumers enrolled in coverage through HealthCare.gov during the second open enrollment period (OE2), but we haven’t known much more about these enrollees. Thanks to new ZIP code–level enrollment data from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) at the Department of Health and Human Services, we can start to learn more about these consumers in the 37 states served by HealthCare.gov — starting with where they live.

To make this data more accessible, Enroll America aggregated the ASPE ZIP code­–level data into county enrollment totals, and created heatmaps on the county level.


When looking at the maps, it’s evident that marketplace enrollment varies considerably by location and is concentrated in a small proportion of urban counties. Florida’s Miami-Dade County, with 390,000 plan selections, has the most enrollments of any county in the HealthCare.gov states. More than half (57 percent) of all plan selections took place in just 5 percent of counties! In comparison, the next 5 percent of counties had 13 percent of total plan selections, and the remaining 30 percent of plan selections were spread among 90 percent of counties.

You can view these maps and learn more about your area by visiting our map page here . At that page, you can also learn more about our methodology in aggregating this data and creating these maps.

Note: The data set from ASPE does not include data on ZIP codes with fewer than 50 plan selections (less than 2 percent of all HealthCare.gov plan selections), so these areas are also excluded from our maps.

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