How Two Organizations Used the Get Covered Connector to Expand Access to In-Person Enrollment Help

By William Tomasko

What do Legal Services of Southern Piedmont and Planned Parenthood have in common?

At least two things: They both offer in-person health insurance enrollment help. And they both use the Get Covered Connector to help power their assistance programs.

The Connector lets consumers search by ZIP code to find local, free application help. People can even use the tool to schedule in-person assistance appointments with Connector partners like Legal Services of Southern Piedmont (LSSP) and Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood’s New York affiliate had this to say about the Connector: “I consider our utilization of the Connector tool to be the key reason why we had more enrollments in OE2 [the second open enrollment period] than in OE1.”

How did the tool make that much of a difference? You can find out by checking out the recording and slides from a webinar that Planned Parenthood and Legal Services of Southern Piedmont (LSSP) joined last week.

Here’s a roadmap of some highlights you’ll hear in the recording:

  • At 8:24: Julian Cernuda, an Affordable Care Act advocate with LSSP, explains how his organization started to use assistance-scheduling tools.
  • At 13:25: Hear how LSSP conducted outreach at community colleges by having students make appointments through the Connector on their phones. Because the tool is mobile-friendly, “we didn’t even need to carry around our laptops…It was a do-it-yourself tool that we saw consumers really appreciate on the ground.”
  • At 15:34: Get the details on how the Connector consolidated administrative back-end work. The tool “freed up in-person assisters’ and Navigators’ time to actually increase appointment availability and also face-to-face time with consumers.”
  • At 26:10: Hear from two Planned Parenthood speakers — Stacy Berger, ACA campaign manager, and Allyson Raines, organizing and electoral campaigns coordinator — as they review why “the tool really was a game-changer for us.”
  • At 31:39: Why the Planned Parenthood affiliates “really felt empowered by the tool and saw the tool as a place for them to improve the work they were doing on the ground.”
  • At 35:15: Best practices from Planned Parenthood, including making screening calls to consumers, which “resulted in more people getting enrolled in their scheduled appointments.”

The speakers also addressed questions from attendees:

  • At 52:28: How did this tool change how you work with other partners?
  • At 55:00: Can the Connector be used in states with their own marketplaces?

Watch the recording below, and check out the slides here. And if you want to learn more about how assistance-scheduling tools can enhance outreach and enrollment — and empower coalitions to become greater than the sums of their parts — read the full issue brief.

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