Take a Closer Look at How the Get Covered America Campaign Is Working in Key States

By William Tomasko

Remember the summer of 2013? Back before the health insurance marketplaces opened for business? When we were all trying to figure out how to make sure people would know about, enroll in, and hold onto their new health coverage options?

That’s when Enroll America launched the Get Covered America campaign in key states to directly reach out to consumers and give them the facts about how to get covered and stay covered.

Nearly two years later, even though the job is not yet finished, everyone working on outreach and enrollment has learned a lot about the best ways to make the Affordable Care Act work for consumers.

Since the end of the most recent open enrollment period, state-level Get Covered America teams have been hard at work digging into those lessons — and distilling them into localized State of Enrollment reports.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the state reports:

  • The tailored outreach strategies that engaged key populations — including African Americans, Latinos, rural residents, and young adults.
  • Models of successful community coalitions that came together to reach, inform, and enroll the uninsured.
  • The importance of working with local and specialty media outlets.
  • How the Get Covered Connector empowered assisters with a centralized appointment-scheduling system, made it possible for consumers to find free local help, and galvanized partnerships.
  • The ins and outs of recruiting volunteer Certified Application Counselors to expand access to in-person assistance.

Check out the reports:

→ Arizona
→ Florida
→ Georgia
→ Illinois
→ Michigan
→ North Carolina
→ Ohio
→ Pennsylvania
→ Tennessee
→ Texas

(You can also read — or re-read! — the national-level State of Enrollment report from this February.)

And stay tuned for reports from more states as the year goes on! If you’re interested in teaming up with Get Covered America in your community, sign up here to get in touch!

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