Three Days Left to Get Covered. Three Ways We’re Expanding Our Campaign Before the Deadline.

By William Tomasko

Including today, we’ve only got three days left to reach Americans who can get covered by the February 15 deadline! Across the country, the entire enrollment community is galvanizing to meet the escalating demand of a growing group of Americans interested in getting covered.

Here are three ways our Get Covered America campaign, volunteers, and partners are expanding outreach this weekend:

1. Hosting more than 275 mass enrollment events in 93 cities, where consumers can get in-person help to enroll in health coverage. We know that people who receive in-person assistance are nearly twice as likely to successfully enroll as those who go it alone.

2. Making more than 20,000 one-on-one appointments with assisters available through the Get Covered Connector tool. People can enter their ZIP code into the tool and find out where they can get local help to get covered.

3. Averaging over 7,800 follow-up phone calls per day in February to reach people who’ve let us know that they’re interested in getting covered. That’s a 186 percent increase over the number of calls made per day earlier in the enrollment period. And we know that consumers who are contacted multiple times become more likely to finish the enrollment process.

This is our last opportunity to make sure the uninsured don’t miss their final chance to get covered — and get financial help — in the marketplace for 2015.

Here’s one way you can get the word out: Share these graphics with your networks to make sure folks know they have until February 15 to get covered!


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