Taking Partnerships With Hospitals to the Next Level

By Remy Onstad

Health care providers are known trusted messengers and uniquely positioned to connect their communities to quality, affordable health coverage. Enroll America is working with our hospital partners nationwide to help expand and augment their efforts. Together, we act on a key lesson: Following up with consumers multiple times and connecting them to in-person help makes them likelier to enroll.

We team up with hospitals and providers on the ground to identify people who are looking to get covered, and then we work together to deliver resources to those consumers to get them across the finish line of enrollment. Our Field teams work with hospital partners to provide enrollment literature and commit cards (for interested consumers to fill out and leave in dropboxes) in hospital facilities, follow up with those individuals, co-host enrollment events, and conduct trainings for hospital staff to support their efforts to connect consumers to affordable health coverage.

Here are just two examples of successful partnerships:


In Texas, we are partnering with CHRISTUS Health at their facilities in the Beaumont/Port Arthur/Jasper area, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio. We have developed a follow-up program with our dropboxes and commit cards to connect their uninsured patients with enrollment information. Along with CHRISTUS Santa Rosa, we are very active members of EnrollSA, a San Antonio coalition of organizations dedicated to educating the city about the new health care options available. Through the coalition, we have partnered on enrollment events, press conferences, and volunteer trainings.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals

Our team in Pennsylvania partners closely with Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals. Through this partnership, we are co-hosting weekly enrollment events at their Methodist Hospital in South Philadelphia. Given the central location of Methodist Hospital, we are able to direct a wider audience of consumers to in-person assistance leading up to the final days of open enrollment.

Both CHRISTUS Health and Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals are maximizing their outreach by using the Get Covered Connector. The tool helps hospitals make in-person assistance appointments available, directly schedule consumers into these appointments, and then continue to follow up with those consumers until they complete the enrollment process.

On top of our on-the-ground partnerships, our Best Practices Institute has been on the forefront of developing information and toolkits, including the Presumptive Eligibility Toolkit, on how hospitals and providers can play an active role in enrollment. Our team provides valuable input for our hospital and provider partners to develop plans for training staff, utilizing technology, identifying partners, and disseminating information to consumers. They also offer guidance and interpretation on policy and regulation.

Interested in partnering with us?

We are continually seeking more partners and funders who can build a model program with Enroll America that suits both organizations’ needs and meets our shared goal of seeing as many uninsured consumers get the health coverage they need.

To learn more about the benefits and resources Enroll America offers, click here for details on our marketing tools. We welcome the chance to build a partnership with you and your organization.

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