New Opportunities for Consumers to Get Covered Beyond February 15

By Liz Hagan

Updated February 18

For most consumers, February 15 was the last day to sign up for health coverage. But we’re thrilled to be learning today that certain consumers still have opportunities to finish the enrollment process for 2015 coverage.

Consumers in states using who started the application and weren’t able to finish before the deadline due to technical issues or higher-than-usual call center demand will have until February 22 to complete the enrollment process and have coverage start March 1.

Several state-based marketplaces (SBMs) have also created accommodations for people who couldn’t enroll by February 15. Here’s where things stand:

California: February 20

Consumers need to enroll with the help of an in-person assister in order to finish the enrollment process.


Consumers with issues enrolling were instructed to call the call center and leave a message with details of their enrollment issues. Access Health CT staff will follow up with those consumers in the next few days.

Colorado: Enrollment closed

Connect for Health CO will work with consumers who have not finished the enrollment process.

District of Columbia: DC Health Link will continue to allow consumers to enroll this week.

Consumers that had difficulty completing the enrollment process should email detailing the difficulties they experienced. DC Health Link will then follow up and help these consumers to complete enrollment.

Hawaii: Enrollment closed

Idaho: February 21

Consumers that completed the application but have not selected a plan will have until February 21 to select a plan.

Kentucky: February 28

Consumers that faced technical difficulties or had problems reaching the call center by February 15 can contact the call center to complete the enrollment process.

Maryland: February 28

Consumers that attest to having started their application or called the call center by February 15 will be eligible to enroll through February 28. Those consumers’ coverage will begin April 1.

Massachusetts: February 23

Deadline is extended to February 23 due to inclement weather.

Minnesota: February 20

Consumers “in line” need to contact the call center before 5:00 p.m. on February 20 to complete enrollment.

New York: February 28

Consumers that took steps to apply for coverage by February 15 have until February 28 to complete enrollment for coverage beginning April.

Rhode Island: February 23

Consumers unable to enroll because of severe weather and closure of in-person assistance centers can contact the call center to complete enrollment.

Vermont: Enrollment closed

Washington: April 17

The opportunity is available to consumers who were “in line” as well as those learning about tax penalties for not having coverage. Consumers in both situations should contact the call center to request an SEP.

Consumers looking to get in-person assistance should continue to use our Get Covered Connector to find available appointments.

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