The Arc of Enrollment: Building a Partnership With Enroll America

By Anne Filipic

With just over two weeks left in the second open enrollment period and uninsured rates continuing to fall, we know that organizations across the country are working hard to get the most out of this historic opportunity to connect Americans to affordable, quality health coverage.

Enroll America was able to reach and engage over 5 million consumers during the first open enrollment period. Our tactics and strategies are proven and effective in reaching uninsured consumers and mobilizing them toward enrollment. We have refined our approach by surveying consumers, both those who did and did not enroll, and relied on data to perfect strategies that work. We have packaged these tools for use by partner organizations in order to meet our shared mission: maximizing the number of consumers who enroll in and retain health coverage.

The consumers that Enroll America reached by using this array of tactics were more than twice as likely to enroll as the average uninsured consumer — 44% as compared to 18%. We start by identifying the exactly who the uninsured are and then determining what messages and messengers are best to motivate them to enroll. Armed with that knowledge, we created tools that enable us to move consumers from “unaware” to the “doorstep” of enrollment.

These outreach and engagement tools, used in conjunction with one another or individually, empower partner organizations to more efficiently and effectively enroll consumers in health coverage. By collaborating with Enroll America, partners can access these tools and tactics along with the expert advice of Enroll America staff on how to successfully utilize and implement them.

Using our Market Analyses, which provide an in-depth landscape of consumers in geographic areas down to the ZIP +4 level, we identify individuals who are most likely uninsured and locations where consumer contact will have the greatest impact on enrollment. These Analyses help target Paid Digital Media efforts. In the first open enrollment period (OE1), our campaign drove more than 1.1 million email sign-ups at a cost-per-acquisition rate of $3.50 per email with an average yield of $75 cost per enrollment. In addition, by using the Get Covered Connector, our partners can make in-person assistance appointments available, directly schedule consumers into these appointments, and then continue to follow up with the consumers until they complete the enrollment process.

An independent evaluation of our work with these tools, chartered by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and conducted by the independent research firm Mathematica, found that our work had a direct impact on enrollment efforts, stating that we “Pioneered an innovative outreach approach that uses data-driven, campaign-style methods to increase enrollment under the ACA” and “Prioritized efficiency and evidence in ways more commonly associated with the private sector.”

We are continually seeking more partners and funders who can build a model program with Enroll America that suits both organizations’ needs and meets our shared goal of seeing as many uninsured consumers get the health coverage they need.

To learn more about the benefits and resources Enroll America offers, click here for details on our marketing tools. We welcome the chance to build a partnership with you and your organization.

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