One Example of How the Enrollment Community in California Is Coming Together

By Andy Perry

The enrollment successes we’ve seen over the last year would not be possible without enrollment stakeholders coming together to learn from each other. At Enroll America, we’re proud to engage a nationwide and wide-ranging coalition of diverse enrollment groups. And our work in California, the most populous state in the country and a place with tremendous geographic and racial diversity, reinforces the benefits of convening and uniting the whole enrollment community.

One example of effective coalition-building happened when 18 outreach and enrollment workers and trainers came together to learn from one another December 9-10, 2014, in Richmond, California. Sponsored by Healthy Richmond and Enroll America, the training included representatives from a dozen organizations. It covered topics such as conveying enrollment messages to consumers, reaching diverse communities, effectively managing collaboration and relationship-building, creating a data-driven work plan, conducting outreach to mixed-status families, and using Get Covered Data. Care was taken to ground the best practices shared from across the state and the country in the local landscape:

The training focused heavily on meeting the specific needs of those in the room. After participants introduced themselves, they broke into small groups to list the challenges they faced so that other participants could highlight resources available to meet those challenges. For example, once it became clear that outreach to mixed-status families was a common challenge, an immigration attorney from Catholic Charities, which hosted the training, was recruited for a working-lunch session concentrating on best handling immigration status through enrollment efforts.


In order to help local groups work more effectively together, the session on collaboration, led by Health Outreach Partners, fed directly into the working session in which participants created data-driven work plans to guide their endeavors. Participants from the Richmond area were able to work jointly on their plans, while those from other parts of the state discussed their respective plans and helped one another brainstorm strategies to improve them.

Perhaps most importantly, participants left with new and stronger connections to their peers — amplifying the ability of each organization to contribute to the collective effort to enroll as many Californians as possible in health coverage.

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