Year in Review: 2014 Resource Roundup

By William Tomasko

Thanks to the hard work of the whole enrollment community, 2014 was a historic year for health coverage.

On January 1, 2014, coverage started to kick in for people who had gotten covered under the Affordable Care Act. And as the year went on, through the rest of the first open enrollment period (OE1), Special Enrollment Periods, year-round Medicaid and CHIP sign-ups, and the launch of OE2, millions more Americans were able to get the peace of mind and financial security that comes from having quality, affordable health insurance.

The end of the year is a time to celebrate the progress you’ve made — and to get ready to build on that success in the year to come.

Here’s a roundup of some of our top resources from 2014 to help connect consumers to coverage:

1. Outreach and enrollment maps:

Data drives our work, and our uninsured model points us to communities where outreach can have the most impact in driving down the uninsured rate.

Based on our uninsured model, these maps are worth more than a thousand words each as they tell the story of the millions of uninsured Americans finally got health insurance in 2014:


You can download the underlying data from the maps here, and learn more about how to partner with our data and outreach teams.

2. The renewal process:

From an issue brief in February outlining the renewal process for Medicaid and Marketplace enrollees (as initially finalized) to a September messaging framework and a consumer-facing infographic in the fall to address changes made to the marketplace renewal process, we’ve outlined the steps people need to take to #StayCovered and the ways stakeholders can smooth out the process.

3. State of Enrollment:

A national report, conference, and blog series rounded up lessons that the enrollment community learned in OE1 and could be applied to OE2.

4. Public opinion research: Who got covered, who didn’t, and why?

In May, we released post­–open enrollment survey findings from PerryUndem Research & Communication. One top takeaway: we would need to make sure Americans knew how much financial help they could qualify for.

5. Health Insurance Literacy Resource Hub

We’ve compiled an online clearinghouse of health insurance literacy resources from a wide array of organizations. The Health Insurance Literacy Resource Hub, a one-stop-shop chock-full of digital tools, fact sheets, handouts, and videos that empower consumers to get covered, stay covered, and use their coverage.

6. Updated tools for OE2: Calculator and Connector

Enroll America has updated and enhanced two tools to help consumers understand what financial help means for them and how to find in-person assistance to get covered (or stay covered!).

7. New CAC Organization toolkit

Certified Application Counselors (CACs) have been — and will continue to be — crucial sources of free application help. Is your organization interested in certifying individual CACs? Looking for guidance on how to build and sustain a CAC program? Not even sure where to start? Check out our Best Practices Institute’s new CAC Organization toolkit.

8. Updated “Health Care in the Pulpit” toolkit

Faith communities can get the word out to key audiences about how to get covered through “Health Care in the Pulpit.” Our newest toolkit offers a step-by-step guide to launching and sustaining faith-based outreach and education efforts.

9. Road to March 31: Webinar series

In February and March, we ran a webinar series called “The Road the March 31 — Effective Outreach and Enrollment Strategies to Use Now” — featuring promising practices that still apply to OE2.

10. #Ready4OE2: Blog and webinar series

Leading up to OE2, the #Ready4OE2 webinars and blog posts shared lessons learned from OE1 and offered ways to be as effective as possible during OE2.

11. Take Care People

From the group that brought you Smokey the Bear comes a brand new campaign — pets encouraging their owners to get covered. We partnered with the Ad Council to launch “Take Care, People,” a national multimedia public service advertising (PSA) campaign tailored to reach uninsured young women.

Here’s to building on these lessons, success stories, and best practices for another year of connecting Americans to coverage. See you in 2015!

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