State-By-State Enrollment Deadlines for Health Coverage That Starts on January 1

By William Tomasko

Different states have different deadlines for when people need to sign up for health insurance if they want their coverage to start January 1, 2015.

People who live in states that use have until December 15 to sign up and pick a plan on their state’s federally facilitated or partnership marketplace.

Most state-based marketplaces are also going by the December 15 deadline, but some states have set different dates:

HawaiiDecember 31

Idaho: December 20

Maryland: December 18

Massachusetts: December 23 

Minnesota: December 31

New York: December 20

Rhode Island: December 23

Washington State: December 23

Those deadlines also apply for people who’ve already gotten covered for 2015 and are looking at their new options to pick a plan for 2015. Share this graphic we made for states with the December 15 deadline to get the word out about the three steps these consumers need to take to renew:

Get Covered. Stay Covered_Nov15
And you can make sure consumers know about the financial help they could qualify for and the in-person application assistance they could find by sharing the embeddable Get Covered Calculator and Connector.

Here’s to connecting as many people as possible to quality, affordable health coverage that starts on New Year’s Day!

Update, December 12, 2014: New York extended its deadline, and we’ve updated the list accordingly.

Update, December 15, 2014: Idaho and Minnesota have extended their deadlines as well.

Update, December 19, 2014: Updated to reflect Minnesota’s extension.

Update, December 22, 2014: Updated to reflect Hawaii’s extension.

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