Health Coverage Resources to Share for World AIDS Day

By William Tomasko

People living with HIV/AIDS have unique considerations when it comes to health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, they can now enroll in quality, affordable coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions.

In honor of World AIDS Day today, we’re sharing resources that the enrollment community can use to connect people living with HIV/AIDS to coverage that meets their specific health care needs and fits their budget:

  1. Open enrollment resource center: put together a hub of materials to help consumers with HIV/AIDS #GetCovered and #StayCovered.
  1. Webinar archives: Check out recordings and slides from’s webinars to get a lay of the land for working with consumers with HIV/AIDS. Their most recent webinar recording features our Best Practices Institute’s Jennifer Sullivan and Sophie Stern and our Illinois State Director Dave Elin.
  1. Resources for consumers, providers, medical homes, and community-based organizations: A round up of fact sheets, FAQs, and other resources organized by audience.
  1. Issue brief on outreach, eligibility, and enrollment considerations: How can state HIV/AIDS programs be prepared to connect their clients to new coverage options? An issue brief from the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors outlines four action steps.
  1. Ryan White Program information: The Health Resources and Services Administration compiled information on how the Affordable Care Act affects the Ryan White Program, including a presentation for assisters on helping people living with HIV/AIDS enroll in coverage that meets their specific needs.
  1. Directory of AIDS Drug Assistance Programs: AIDS Drug Assistance Programs can provide financial help with the cost of coverage and health services, including for consumers enrolled in coverage through the marketplace.
  1. and Out2Enroll: Consumer-facing online guides to the new health insurance options for people with HIV/AIDS.

Having health insurance is crucial for access to health care — and continuity of care — for people living with HIV/AIDS. And these resources can help make sure this population can get covered and stay covered.

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