The Get Covered Calculator and Connector Are Ready for OE2!

By Molly Warren

We know you are ready for the second open enrollment period — and, now, so are our Get Covered Calculator and Get Covered Connector.

This week, we released this year’s Calculator, updated to reflect 2015 plans costs and eligibility thresholds. Last year we found that knowledge about the availability of financial help was one of the greatest motivators to get consumers to explore their options through the marketplaces. The Calculator gives consumers a tangible estimate of what coverage they may be eligible for (e.g. Marketplace coverage with financial help or Medicaid) and how much it might cost them with financial help (if eligible). All they have to do is enter a few pieces of information (location, income, family information). Consumers who are interested in exploring their options are directed to where they can apply online or to sign up for in-person help via the Get Covered Connector. Check out the Calculator methodology for more on exactly where we get our numbers and how we’re crunching them to get the final outputs.

Get Covered Calculator 20141119

Many of our partners used the Calculator last year to help consumers see what they might qualify for. Now that our number of partners has nearly doubled since April, we’re working with even more organizations to use the Calculator to get the word out about financial help. For any organization interested in embedding or co-branding the Calculator on their website, please go here for instructions.

In addition to raising awareness about the availability of financial help, we know in-person help is critical for consumers seeking coverage for the first time and for those coming back to renew. If you’re interested in becoming a Get Covered Connector partner to help consumers find and schedule appointments with local in-person assistance, please go here.

Get Covered Connector 20141119

By making these digital tools widely available to as many users as possible, you can make sure consumers have they information they need on financial help and how to get in-person assistance.

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