Health Care in the Pulpit Toolkit Updated for Second Open Enrollment Period

By Rev. Derrick Harkins

One of the most effective tools Enroll America developed to help faith communities engage in enrollment efforts is the toolkit Health Care in the Pulpit. During the first open enrollment period, congregations across the country used this toolkit to plan and carry out numerous education and enrollment events.

We’re happy to announce that Health Care in the Pulpit is now updated for the second open enrollment period (November 15-February 15). We’ve added new features like linking the toolkit with the broader Enroll America and Get Covered America websites, directing the user to a number of different resources, including a glossary of terms, as well a section detailing Certified Application Counselor training.

The toolkit meets a need expressed by many congregations: to have a step-by-step guide that they can customize for their specific settings. Faith institutions were important partners during the first open enrollment period, and with resources like Health Care in the Pulpit, they will be able to continue to help Americans #GetCovered and #StayCovered.

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