How Enroll America Is Making Sure the Uninsured Have the Facts They Need About Their New Health Insurance Options

By William Tomasko

New survey data from the Kaiser Family Foundation echoes what our own research has shown: People who are still uninsured are interested in finding affordable health coverage, but they don’t have all the information about how to get covered.

That’s where we come in, and that’s why we work with a broad coalition to meet consumers where they are with the facts they need.

According to the new survey, nearly nine in ten uninsured Americans didn’t know that open enrollment starts again on November 15. And just over half (53 percent) didn’t know that financial help is available to sign up for quality coverage on the health insurance marketplaces.

But at the same time, nearly six in ten planned to sign up for health insurance in the next few months. Our own research has shown that the uninsured value having health insurance.

Consumers already know why to get covered. And the enrollment community needs to make sure the uninsured know when and how to get covered, and who and where they can turn to for help along the way, and what quality, affordable options they can count on.

Get the word out about the November 15 start date by sharing these #GetCovered countdown social media graphics. There’s one for each of the 15 days until open enrollment starts!

Our Get Covered America campaign’s digital tools can estimate how much financial help a consumer could qualify for, and where they can find local, in-person application assistance.

During the first open enrollment period (OE1), public interest surged when deadlines approached, and we expect a similar pattern this year, accelerating up until the last day to sign up through the marketplaces: February 15.

With everything the enrollment community has learned in the past year, we’re well positioned to double down on the most effective ways to reach the uninsured — and to help as many Americans as possible get covered and stay covered starting November 15.

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