#GetCovered. #StayCovered. A Unified Message to Consumers

By Zachary Baron

It’s crucial that all enrollment stakeholders adopt a simple consumer messaging framework to meet the next big challenge: reaching both the uninsured and those who need to renew coverage in the months leading up to and during the second open enrollment period (OE2). Using different messages for different groups of consumers will only lead to confusion.

That’s why Enroll America recommends in a new messaging memo that all consumers be encouraged to “Get Covered. Stay Covered.”

The enrollment community can amplify this message by directing consumers to tools to help them get the enrollment process started, such as a calculator to see how much financial help they might be able to receive or a “help locator” tool to find and schedule free appointments with experts in their community to help them start a new application or renew their coverage.

As Enroll America engages consumers and works with national and local enrollment partners over the coming months, we will continue testing and perfecting our messages — and sharing the results! — to maximize enrollment during OE2 and beyond. For now, check out our memo on the importance of a simple messaging framework for maximizing enrollment and ensuring consumers are enrolled in coverage that meets their needs and budget.

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