Coming Soon: The Get Covered Connector

By William Tomasko

Going into the second open enrollment period, enrollment stakeholders have an advantage over last year: we can act on lessons learned from having done it before.

Two clear lessons learned are that when consumers get free, face-to-face help from certified assisters, they are more likely to successfully enroll — and that when in-person assisters combine forces to connect more consumers to help, they maximize enrollment.

For example, a significant success story came out of North Carolina, where stakeholders coordinated to create a streamlined, statewide assister appointment scheduling line. People across the entire state could call one toll-free number to make an appointment with a local enrollment assister, and assisters could use the system to keep track of their schedules in one place — thanks to centralized coordination.

Building off of the importance of in-person help and stakeholder coordination, Enroll America is developing a new tool: the Get Covered Connector.

The Connector will be an online, nationwide tool for consumers to schedule appointments with in-person assisters. By signing up as Get Covered Connector partners, assister organizations will be able to team up and offer one place for consumers to go to make appointments for local enrollment help. And then partners will be able to use the tool to manage assisters’ schedules and track information about appointments.

It will be easier for consumers to make appointments. It will be easier for assisters to manage their schedules. It will be easier for outreach groups to refer consumers to in-person help.

And in the end, it will be easier to help as many people as possible get covered.

As part of our #StateOfEnrollment blog series on successes from the first open enrollment period, we wrote about how North Carolina’s centralized scheduling system was a win-win-win for consumers, assisters, and outreach groups:

The hotline helped everyone involved. Consumers had an easier way to make appointments in their community that would fit their schedule. Assisters could identify which regions had greater demand for in-person help and send additional resources to those locations, and conversely spot areas where there were few appointments and work there on engaging more local partners and getting more consumers in the doors. For community and service organizations, the statewide phone line simplified handoffs to a single step where they could directly schedule an appointment with consumers looking for insurance.

Helping consumers and enrollment stakeholders alike, the Get Covered Connector will be an online tool that partners can make the centerpiece of their outreach efforts. Those campaigns could include a hotline like North Carolina’s. Different campaigns use different approaches, and the Connector can be the hub for all kinds of coordinated enrollment pushes.

You can find out more specifics on the tool — including details on pricing for partners — at this page. Interested in more information on becoming a Get Covered Connector partner? Email

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