The New Grand Total: 14 Million People Signed Up to Get Covered Since October 1

By William Tomasko

We got a new Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollment report from the feds this week, and it marks a new milestone. Between the health insurance marketplaces, Medicaid, and CHIP, 14 million Americans signed up to get covered between October 1 and the end of April.

Compared to the sign-up stats from before October 1, Medicaid/CHIP enrollment has increased by 6 million people since open enrollment began on October 1, including 1.1 million in April alone. In states that expanded Medicaid, enrollment increased by more than 15 percent, and sign-ups still increased by 3.3 percent in non-expansion states.

It’s important to remember that even though open enrollment ended for the health insurance marketplaces on March 31, people can still sign up for Medicaid and CHIP at any time. So that 6 million figure will go up as the year goes on.

And individuals and organizations working on enrollment have a major role to play to make sure consumers know about those new options — and that they can still sign up. Our consumer-facing website includes pointers on year-round Medicaid/CHIP enrollment in “Get Covered 101” and its blog.

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