#StateOfEnrollment: Sign-Up South Carolina Day Phone-A-Thon

By Guest Blogger

This post was written by Stephania Priester, Public Affairs/Marketing/Outreach & Enrollment Coordinator, New Horizon Family Health Services.

SC Phone-a-thon

Strategy: Using a phone-a-thon to raise awareness about new coverage options and to connect interested consumers to in-person help

Where and when it was used: WSPA News from 5-6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 5

Notable metrics: 94 consumers called in to learn more about their health coverage options

Best practices to replicate:

  • Engage local media to host a phone-a-thon and partner with local organizations to help staff the phone lines
  • If making appointments for consumers for an enrollment event, use intake forms to make it easy to capture consumers’ information
  • Make sure volunteers/staff answering the phones have access to a calendar that includes the date, time, and location of upcoming enrollment events. If consumers were unable to make the Sign-Up South Carolina Day Enrollment Event, we were able to refer them to other organizations using the calendars we made available. 

In preparation for Sign-Up South Carolina Day Enrollment Event, the South Carolina Regional Outreach and Enrollment Coalition hosted a phone-a-thon in partnership with WSPA News to help connect uninsured and underinsured consumers to coverage. Certified Application Counselors and Navigators from New Horizon Family Health Services, DECO, South Carolina Palmetto Project, South Carolina Progressive Network, and ReGenesis Health Care volunteered to answer consumers’ questions on March 5 from 5-6:30 p.m. Almost 100 consumers from across the state and North Carolina called during the 90-minute phone-a-thon. The phones continued to ring even after we were off the air! Consumers were most interested in learning about how to enroll and the cost of coverage.

Volunteers used intake forms to capture consumers’ information and make appointments for individuals that wanted to meet with an assister at the Sign-Up South Carolina Day Enrollment Event.

We also made calendars available to all volunteers so they could quickly identify other opportunities in the community for individuals who could not attend the event or for individuals who did not live near the location of the event.

It was a great experience and I would definitely encourage all to connect with local media to do a phone-a-thon for the next open enrollment period!

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