#StateOfEnrollment: Reaching the Uninsured in Kansas in Partnership with the Sunflower Foundation, the REACH Healthcare Foundation, and the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund

By Amanda Belles

Strategy: Integrated marketing campaign to reach the uninsured in Kansas through digital, television, and radio advertisements

Where and when it was used: Starting in mid-January 2014 (digital)/late-February (television and radio) – March 31, 2014

Notable metrics:

  • Digital:
    • More than 22 million impressions (number of times the ad was loaded online) from web ad
    • Unique reach of over 1.6 million (number of individual consumers who were served the ad)
  • Television:
    • More than 11.8 million impressions
  • Radio (statewide outside of Kansas City):
    • More than 480,000 impressions
  • Cumulative Metrics:
    • More than 35,000 unique users driven to the Get Covered America website
    • More than 89,000 Kansans’ email addresses collected on the Get Covered America website

How it worked: 

The Sunflower Foundation, the REACH Healthcare Foundation, and the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund in Kansas are focused on improving access to health coverage and information and supporting others working towards this mission. In early 2014, they partnered with Enroll America to create a Kansas-focused integrated marketing campaign to raise awareness of important enrollment deadlines and the financial help available to consumers. The partnership created digital, television and radio advertisements that emphasized the peace of mind that comes with coverage and conveyed important information about deadlines and the financial help available. The digital ads began in mid-January, and the television and radio ads, called “Worry,” followed in February. The digital and radio ads were created in English and Spanish and aired statewide.

The partnership provided Enroll America with multiple opportunities to reach consumers in a state that has over 300,000 uninsured consumers.  Data from the campaign indicate that Kansans were hungry for the information: over the course of the campaign, more than 35,000 Kansans visited Enroll America’s GetCoveredAmerica.org website, and more than 89,000 Kansans’ email address were collected for follow-up.

Best practices to replicate:                              

  • Ads should be in English and Spanish to reach as many consumers as possible.
  • Using multiple mediums (digital, television, and radio) to reach consumers increases the likelihood of touching consumers multiple times. We know from experience that it takes numerous touches with a consumer before they will take action in enrolling in health coverage. 

For more ideas on how to take your outreach and enrollment efforts to the next level in the coming months, register today for our national conference, State of Enrollment: Getting America Covered, in Washington, D.C., June 16-18.

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