New Issue Brief: Enroll America’s Grassroots Campaign and Early Lessons Learned

By Molly Warren

Here at Enroll America, our efforts to get consumers covered take many forms. Our consumer-facing campaign, Get Covered America, engages people through data-driven grassroots organizing, digital mobilization, strategic advertising, and coalition-based partnerships.

Our latest issue brief delves into the data-driven tactics used by Enroll America to connect consumers to coverage through grassroots organizing in 11 states that have some of the highest numbers of uninsured individuals in the country: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.

In each state, we work on raising awareness and educating consumers through public outreach events, door-to-door canvassing, and phone banking, as well as building local capacity and partnerships with traditional stakeholders, application assisters, and other organizations that touch uninsured Americans.

In this issue brief, we also analyze data collected on nearly 20,000 consumers’ experiences during the initial open enrollment period. The data, which was collected by staff and volunteers during follow-up phone conversations with consumers between November 2013 and February 2014, provide insight into who attempted to enroll, who has enrolled, what kind of challenges consumers encountered, and what methods of enrollment are preferred. A few interesting findings include:

  • One in three consumers contacted had attempted to enroll in a new health coverage option (including marketplace plans and Medicaid) since October 1, 2013. Of those who attempted, 45 percent successfully enrolled. See figure below.
  • The most common challenge reported was having technical problems with the website (37 of the total challenge reported), followed by an inability to find an affordable coverage option (21 percent of the challenges reported)
  • Enrollment with an in-person assister was the preferred method for 41 percent of consumers, followed by applying online (29 percent) and through the call center (21 percent).

Chase Brief Figure 4Consumer attempts and success at enrolling, November 2013–February 2014

To learn more about Enroll America’s grassroots campaign and lessons learned about consumers’ experiences with the enrollment process, make sure to read the full brief.

We’ll be coming out with more insights from the data we collected and other aspects of our work in the coming months, so stayed tuned!

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