How to Help Consumers Who Didn’t Get Enrolled

By Zachary Baron

Enroll America focused relentlessly leading up to and during this first open enrollment period on engaging consumers about their new quality, affordable coverage options. We saw a surge of enthusiasm towards the end of open enrollment as millions of people decided that their affordable options would finally provide peace of mind and security.

But of course, not everyone who could have enrolled did. For many of these consumers, the conversation now turns to questions about the fine — who is exempt, and for those who are, what do they need to do to obtain an exemption? We know that in-person assisters and other enrollment stakeholders frequently receive questions about the fine and how it will impact consumers. So we’ve put together an easy-to-use table that explains which individuals without coverage will be subject to the fine, and how they can obtain an exemption if they qualify for one.

This clear guide shows which consumers are subject to the fine based on their income levels and access to job-based coverage. Since consumers with incomes below the federal tax filing threshold are automatically exempt (with no need to file any form or taxes), we provided the 2014 thresholds for each filing status. We also explain how people ineligible for Medicaid as a result of their state’s decision not to expand the program can avoid the fine (this is the only exemption issued automatically to those who complete a coverage application on

While we continue to focus on developing consumer-friendly tools to help people see their affordable options and find local help, we believe that this straightforward table will help assisters and other stakeholders answer important questions about what consumers need to do if they go without coverage during 2014.

Click here to open the table as a PDF (previewed below).

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