Outreach Strategies for the Final Push

By Dayanne Leal

With only one week left until the end of open enrollment, it’s time to pull out all the stops to get as many people enrolled as possible in these final days. And the most effective way to extend your reach even further is to build on what’s already been working well. What are your strengths? Which strategies have worked best for you so far?

If you’re scratching your head and feeling short on creative ideas, we have a few resources that will guide you through some last-minute outreach ideas.

  • How-To Guides: Our Best Practices Institute has recently published two fact sheets that walk you step-by-step through these low-cost ways to get the word out:

Connecting with Consumers through Phone-a-Thons – If you have already a relationship established with a TV or radio station that has done phone-a-thons before — you can put a phone-a-thon together in a few days. At this late date, the best way to maximize this strategy would be to combine it with an outreach and enrollment event, if you are hosting one, and use it as a strategy to draw consumers to your event.

Engaging Ethnic Media to Help Spread Your Message – If you already have a relationship with a reporter or a radio host, maximize that relationship in these last few days! For example, go back to that radio show where you had an opportunity to do a live radio interview. Engage that reporter who covered one of your events in the past, and ask them to write a story highlighting the March 31 deadline. There is still time for people to sign up, and there is still time for you to engage the media to help you help consumers.

  • Outreach Webinar Series Recordings: Enroll America hosted a six-part webinar series on effective outreach and enrollment strategies to maximize enrollment by March 31. Check out our archive for replays, slides, and more. And be sure to share these resources with everyone you know who is helping people sign up for health coverage!
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