New Survey: Among Uninsured Consumers, Awareness of Financial Help and the Deadline to Get Covered Has Doubled Since December

By William Tomasko

Since December, about twice as many people without health insurance know that financial help is available and that the deadline to get Marketplace coverage is March 31.

Kaiser Family Foundation’s (KFF) new tracking poll shows a substantial increase in awareness from what we had found a few months ago. To help guide our outreach for the second half of the first open enrollment period, we commissioned a national survey in December. The research firm PerryUndem polled more than 900 uninsured nonelderly adults and found that very few knew those two key facts.

But KFF’s latest tracking poll of the uninsured reveals that awareness of crucial facts has increased dramatically:

  1. 57 percent of people without health insurance now know they could get financial help (up from around 30 percent we found in December).
  2. 39 percent know that the last day to sign up is March 31 (up from 19 percent in December).

Our Get Covered America campaign has been working day in and day out in communities across the country to get these key facts to consumers. And as we wrote on the blog last week, we know that once consumers know that getting covered could be more affordable than they think, they’re more motivated to sign up.

But there’s still more to do to make sure as many consumers as possible have the information they need to get covered.

Help us get the word out about these two key facts. Share our Get Covered Calculator, which consumers can use to quickly estimate how much financial help they could qualify for in their state. And use our Get Covered profile icons, which prominently display the March 31 deadline (and are available in every color of the rainbow, including in an actual rainbow).

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