New Report: 4.2 Million Have Already Picked Plans on the Marketplaces As We Gear Up for a Surge in March

By William Tomasko

We have new enrollment data to dig into!

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just released its monthly report on how many Americans are signing up for coverage through the health insurance marketplaces.

As of the end of February, 4.2 million Americans had picked plans in the marketplaces. Around 943,000 people signed up in February alone, with a higher daily rate of signups than in January.

The vast majority of enrollees — a whopping 83 percent — qualified for premium tax credits. And nearly two out of three consumers opted for Silver plans, which means they might be able to qualify for additional financial assistance to reduce their out-of-pocket-costs.

We’re thrilled that millions of Americans are signing up through the marketplaces and Medicaid and gaining the peace of mind and financial security that comes with having health insurance. And we expect to see a surge of people enrolling in March! As our president Anne Filipic said in a statement on the report yesterday, “We’re confident that enrollment will continue to accelerate as we approach the March 31 deadline for coverage.”

Our research and past enrollment efforts make it clear that many people — especially young adults — will wait until right before the deadline to sign up. For example, enrollment surged in the final days leading up to the December deadline to get coverage kicking in January 1.

That’s why we’ve launched a full-on frenzy of outreach this month. From our president’s statement:

Through the consumer-focused Get Covered America campaign, our hundreds of staff, thousands of partners, and tens of thousands of volunteers stand ready in communities across the country to host over 3,000 events throughout March — including daily enrollment events in all major cities throughout our 11 staffed states during the last two weeks — to ensure that consumers have access to the information and in-person assistance they need to enroll.

We’ve got 19 days left. Make sure you’re getting the facts about the new options and financial help to as many consumers as possible: has the tools and the info they’ll need to get covered.

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