New Fact Sheet: Promising Practices for Hospital Presumptive Eligibility

By Liz Hagan

Although it is too early to connect specific hospital presumptive eligibility (HPE) policies with increased enrollment, many promising practices have begun to emerge. Our latest fact sheet, Promising State Approaches for Using Hospital Presumptive Eligibility, provides suggestions for HPE policies that hospitals can work with their state to implement. Examples include developing high-quality training materials, establishing realistic performance standards, and creating consumer-friendly policies.

If you’re curious how your state’s HPE policies stack up (or if there are policies in place to begin with), check out our hospital presumptive eligibility toolkit, where we have been tracking what’s going on in every state. We update this part of the toolkit regularly, and many states are still making decisions about their HPE policies, so check back often. Of the states that are still developing polices, many are seeking guidance and input from hospitals on their creation, so our new fact sheet should provide helpful tips. As we note in our PE toolkit, hospitals should work with their state to develop policies that meet the needs of consumers, states, and hospitals alike.

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