Join Us for National Youth Enrollment Day

By William Tomasko

More than one in four young adults in America (between the ages of 18 and 34) don’t have health coverage.

That’s why our Get Covered America campaign is teaming up with dozens of partners to reach as many young adults as possible.

A wide array of organizations — including Young Invincibles, United Way Worldwide, and the American Cancer Society — have been holding events this past week to help young adults get ready to sign up for coverage. And this Saturday will be National Youth Enrollment Day. On Saturday, we’re holding hundreds of events to get the facts to consumers across the country about their new health insurance options.

And that’s just the beginning. For the last six weeks of open enrollment, we’ll be kicking our outreach into high gear. We want to make sure as many consumers as possible know that there’s a new way to get covered — and that financial help could be available.

Sign up at to get started with us this weekend.

And if you’re looking for new outreach and enrollment strategies to try, you’re in luck! Next week, we’re kicking off a webinar series to share ideas you can act on to reach consumers right away. Get more information on the series here — and sign up to join the conversation.

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