Clip of the Week: Pirates Need Health Insurance, Too

By William Tomasko

To highlight some of the attention our Get Covered America campaign is getting in communities across the country, we’ve started a new “Clip of the Week” feature here on the blog.

Scurvy. Peg legs. Cannon-fire.

Pirates face some unique health care challenges, but they can now look for coverage that fits their needs and their budgets!

Okay, so pirates aren’t quite the consumer audience our Get Covered America campaign is working to reach. But last weekend, our team in Florida hit the annual, pirate-themed Gasparilla celebration in Tampa Bay, Florida, to help the hundreds of thousands of attendees know about their new health insurance options — with this flier in hand:

 Reasons Pirates Should Get Covered

Check out this great post on SaintPetersBlog about how Get Covered America targeted the event as a way to reach consumers where they already are, and on their terms. Our outreach at Gasparilla is a great example of a creative event that fulfills our mission of educating consumers about their new options with a fresh fun hook that helps amplify our reach even further!

While you may not have a pirate-themed Gasparilla in your community, there are likely many events you can tap into that will help you connect with consumers.  Using culturally sensitive materials and reaching out to people where they work, eat, play, and pray is half the outreach and enrollment battle. For more information on how to jump-start and structure your outreach efforts, see our “How to Create an Outreach Work Plan” guide.

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