Clip of the Week: Getting the Word Out About Financial Help

By William Tomasko

To highlight some of the attention our Get Covered America campaign is getting in communities across the country, we’ve starting a new “Clip of the Week” feature here on the blog.

Ever since she lost her job-based health insurance in 2002, Jean Scully in New Jersey had to pay sky-high premiums for bare-bones coverage on the individual market — until she was able to find a plan with financial help on the Marketplace that fit both her health care needs and her budget.

“I have been waiting for January 1 like the due date of my baby,” she said. Now that her gold plan has kicked in, she’s saving hundreds of dollars each month.

And she’s helping Get Covered America spread the word about about the financial help that is available to consumers through the health insurance marketplaces!

We know this work is important because of our recent survey findings: consumers are eager to sign up for affordable coverage, but most of the uninsured aren’t aware that financial help available.

That’s where we come in, with our nationwide outreach to consumers and our tools such as our Get Covered Calculator, which lets users see what kind of savings they might qualify for. And stories like Jean’s remind us why it matters to make sure as many consumers as possible know how they can get financial help to get covered.

Help us get the word out about Jean’s success. Share the story of how she was able to find an affordable plan with your networks and your organization’s supporters — because the more consumers know about financial help, the more likely they are get covered.

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