2013 Resource Roundup

By Molly Warren

As 2013 comes to a close, all of us here at Enroll America have been reminiscing about the past year. We’ve been thinking about the historic changes to health coverage that have gone into effect and the hard work of countless individuals and organizations helping get as many Americans as possible covered across the country. We have been busy with fact sheets, toolkits, and blog posts, and wanted to re-share a few of our favorite resources from 2013. We hope these resources will continue to be useful in the upcoming year.

1)     Our Get Covered Guide is an annotated glossary explaining health insurance terms in easy to understand language.

2)     The Application Assistance 101 fact sheet has tips for assisters on questions to consider and best practices to implement as they assist consumers with enrollment.

3)     The blog post So You Want to Start a Coalition? Tips From One That’s Tripled Its Membership Since May highlights the Cover Arizona coalition and gives tips on effective coalition building.

4)     The Coordinating Assistance Efforts: Lessons from Wisconsin issue brief explores a promising strategy for outreach and enrollment assistance from Wisconsin where stakeholders have created regional enrollment assistance networks throughout the state despite limited resources.

5)     Our blog post Is Snail Mail the Key to Modernizing Enrollment? describes Arkansas’ effort and early successes with using data from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to connect SNAP enrollees to Medicaid.

6)     The Navigating the New Health Insurance Marketplaces: In-Person Assistance Options for Consumers fact sheet breaks down the four types of free application assistance available to consumers at the local level.

7)     Our Health Care from the Pulpit toolkit features strategies for how to ensure the faith community continues to be engaged in the education and outreach efforts around the new health insurance options.

8)     The Presumptive Eligibility Toolkit helps hospital administrators understand how to temporarily enroll uninsured, likely Medicaid-eligible patients, and their families, into Medicaid at the time of service and encourages providers to engage individuals so that they complete the full Medicaid application process to remain covered beyond the “presumptive eligibility” period.

9)     Our Tips for Talking with Your Patients About Their New Health Coverage Options fact sheet arms providers with four simple messages that will increase their uninsured patients’ interest in enrolling, identifies clear next steps providers can empower patients to take, and outlines easy ways to spread the word to patients that new health coverage options are available.

10)  The fact sheet Outreach Planning 101 provides ideas for how to get started on an outreach plan, tips to keep in mind as you plot out your strategies and materials, ways to inform people about the new health coverage options, and an outreach worksheet to track your success. Its follow-up fact sheet, Outreach Planning 2.0 examines how to start, adapt, and improve outreach efforts.

11)  Our How States Can Accelerate Their Enrollment Efforts fact sheet explains steps states can take to increase coverage by automatically enrolling individuals who are known to be eligible for Medicaid.

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