In Two Months, 3.9 Million Americans Determined Eligible for Medicaid or CHIP

By William Tomasko

Earlier this month, we wrote about the exciting news that 1.46 million Americans found out they were eligible for Medicaid or CHIP in October — roughly 19 percent of those estimated to enroll during the entire six-month open enrollment period.

And today’s latest numbers from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) second monthly report are even more encouraging. The finalized October count swung up to 2.1 million, and with 1.7 million more eligibility determinations in November, according to this report, 3.9 million Americans found out they could sign up for Medicaid or CHIP during the first two months of open enrollment! But it gets better – the CMS report doesn’t include individuals that applied through (these numbers were released in a separate report earlier this month). So the grand total of individuals that will get Medicaid or CHIP coverage starting in January is above 4 million and growing!

The full report from CMS breaks down the numbers for each state and highlights how states have been able to streamline their eligibility determination processes. We’ve been featuring and tracking those strategies, such as using data from SNAP to identify consumers who are very likely to be eligible for Medicaid.

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