Getting Covered by January 1, 2014: Application Deadlines in the States

By William Tomasko

After almost three months of open enrollment (time flies!), we’re now hitting the first round of coverage deadlines for consumers.

Today is the official deadline for consumers in most states to sign up for health insurance if they want their coverage to start January 1, 2014. However, we just learned consumers enrolling through now have until tomorrow (December 24) to make their final plan selection.

Some state-based marketplaces have also extended their deadlines for consumers to select a health plan for January 1 coverage:

Consumers that have selected a plan by their state’s deadline should check with their health plan or state’s marketplace to find out when their premium payment is due.

It’s important to remember that even if consumers aren’t able to sign up in time for their coverage to begin on New Year’s Day, they can still get covered in 2014 if they enroll by March 31, the last day of open enrollment.

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