New Fact Sheet: How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit with Consumers

By Liz Hagan

Enroll America released a great resource today to guide people who are helping consumers apply for health insurance. Application Assistance 101 has many tips about how you can have effective and meaningful interactions with consumers. Here’s something for assisters to consider: a visit with a consumer is more than just the visit itself. The visit requires preparation, planning, follow-up, and thoughtful engagement throughout.

Thinking about what will you find in this resource? Some of the highlights are below.

  • Make it easier for consumers to attend their appointments. Many consumers have busy lives, and some may be unable to make their scheduled appointment. Although you may not always be able to prevent no-shows, there are a few things that you can do to help prevent them such as sending consumers a reminder text, calling them to confirm, or emailing them the day before.
  • Remember that you’re likely going to have more than one encounter with each individual. Applying and enrolling in coverage is a big decision for consumers, and one that takes time. So make sure you’re being respectful of each consumer’s unique needs and thought processes. Making each consumer feel comfortable is essential. This will help build trust, which means consumers will know that they can come back to you later if needed.
  • Know when to refer the consumer to someone else. You don’t have all the answers, and that is okay! What is important to know is: “Who is best to answer the complicated questions you are inevitably going to receive?” It could be a person in your organization, someone from your community or it could be an entirely separate organization altogether. Help the consumer to get what they need from you and/or from others. As we highlighted in Coordinating Assistance Efforts: Lessons from Wisconsin, these referrals will be easier when you coordinate with others in this space and are aware of who can help with what.

Enroll America has many other resources that can help guide your outreach and enrollment efforts! Make sure to check them out.

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