New Poll: Uninsured Consumers Are Hearing More About the Health Insurance Marketplace

By William Tomasko

The word is getting out! More and more uninsured consumers are becoming aware of their new health insurance options, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s latest tracking poll.

From September to November, the percentage of uninsured non-elderly adults who had heard “a lot” or “some” about the health insurance marketplace in their state doubled, from around 15 percent to 29 percent. And the percentage of the uninsured that had heard “nothing at all” dropped from a majority of 52 percent to 38 percent, with 33 percent having heard “only a little”:

Kaiser Family Foundation Tracking Poll - November 2013, Fig. 8 

Kaiser also provides a bit of encouraging historical context that we should all keep in mind.  

As you can see below, amid the sturm und drang of Medicare Part D’s implementation, unfavorable views outnumbered favorables two to one. But as the first year of enrollment unfolded and seniors began accessing their benefits, the program’s popularity started to soar — and hasn’t stopped climbing. Now, 63 percent of seniors view it favorably, with 85 percent of enrollees saying they’ve had a positive experience using the benefit:

Kaiser Family Foundation Tracking Poll - November 2013, Medicare Part D

The first step is making sure consumers are aware of the help they can get, so the new tracking poll numbers are very encouraging!

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