Getting Consumers to the Finish Line: How Wisconsin is Tackling Outreach and Enrollment

By Liz Hagan

We all know that outreach, education, and application assistance help consumers get enrolled in health coverage. But how to go about doing that in an efficient and effective way isn’t always so straightforward. In a recent visit to Wisconsin, we learned about a very promising strategy that relies on regional collaboration to connect consumers to coverage.

Wisconsin’s approach creates 12 Regional Enrollment Networks throughout the state that each bring together stakeholders working on outreach and enrollment. The partnerships allow organizations to focus on their strengths and identify and fill gaps that exist in their region. This collaboration aids in providing consumers with adequate support in each step of the enrollment process. To learn more about the efforts underway in Wisconsin, check out our most recent issue brief.

Fostering these relationships and getting groups to work together is in consumers’ best interest and it will serve to maximize the number of people who enroll in coverage. Below is a figure that shows how these connections can impact a consumer’s pathway to coverage. Those working in this area have the potential to help a consumer at each step in this process, thus creating a positive consumer experience from start to finish. Wisconsin’s efforts are encouraging, exciting, and can be a great model for other states.

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