National Health Center Week

By Aaron Eckhouse

We’re all very excited here at Enroll America because it’s one of our favorite times of the year: National Health Center Week! Wait, is that weird? You’re saying you didn’t even know it was National Health Center Week? Well, there are good reasons for all of us who care about enrollment in health coverage to be excited about health centers.

  • Health centers are already treating large numbers of uninsured and underinsured Americans. More than 20 million Americans sought treatment in health centers last year, and an estimated 36.5 percent of health center patients were uninsured in 2011. That comes out to about 1 in 5 uninsured Americans who get health care at health centers.
  • Historically, health centers have played a critical role in helping consumers enroll in coverage, and many health centers have experienced staff members who are prepared to help patients navigate their options. In anticipation of the changes rolling out this fall, $150 million in federal grants have been awarded to help 1,159 health centers expand their outreach and enrollment assistance services. 
  • Health centers have been identified in a number of surveys as one of the top places where people would like to receive in-person enrollment assistance. In some cases, health centers can also simplify and streamline the overall enrollment process for consumers because they already have information about their patients’ health insurance status and potential eligibility for new benefits.

Health centers are exceptionally well-positioned to help millions of Americans enroll in the new health coverage options that are coming this fall, and they will be integral to the success of the enrollment efforts.

If all this has made you as excited as we are about National Health Center Week, check out this list of events to find one near you. Many health centers across the country are hosting events that are focused on expanding coverage under the Affordable Care Act, from New Jersey to California, Florida to Texas, and even Alaska! Or maybe you’d prefer to dance in the streets in South Carolina? There’s no shortage of fun, educational events across the country.


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