"Long Live Oregon"

By Aaron Eckhouse

As the open enrollment date for the new health insurance marketplaces draws closer (October 1!), states have started to launch their public education campaigns. Colorado was the first out the gate with ads, but since then, Connecticut, Kentucky, and Oregon have all joined the mix, issuing ads and informational web videos. Of these states, one stands out from the rest in YouTube viewership: Oregon, whose “Long Live Oregonians!” campaign features anthems on healthy Oregon living from local musicians, has nearly 10 times more views than the next most popular state.

These videos from Oregon are doing a great job of getting the message out about Cover Oregon, the state’s new health insurance marketplace. But according to Amy Fauver, Cover Oregon’s chief communications officer, these videos are only the first phase of a comprehensive public education campaign. As we get closer to October 1, Oregon’s marketplace plans to shift to a “more direct call to action” featuring ads that promote enrollment in the new affordable health coverage options available through Cover Oregon.


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