What Get Covered is Doing This Summer

By Guest Blogger

Summer may mean vacations to some, but for the Enroll America team, our work is just beginning! This week marks the official launch of our Get Covered America’s campaign. So now, and all summer long, our field teams are planning events in states across the country. The goal? To have real conversations with real people in their communities, so everyone can understand what their new health care options will be, starting October 1. That gives us about 100 days to get the word out.

For millions of uninsured Americans, getting access to quality, affordable health insurance—some for the very first time —is a big deal. And helping people get health insurance isn’t a new concept. One of our major partners, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), knows how big a deal this is. For decades, RWJF has worked to fix the crisis of the uninsured —which is why Get Covered America’s campaign launch marks a meaningful milestone for RWJF’s tireless efforts.

Recent news articles, such as this Bloomberg article about “Confusion over Benefits”, confirm what our research already has shown: That the majority of the people who stand to benefit the most from the Affordable Care Act have no idea what their upcoming health care options are. So we know that getting people to sign up for benefits they don’t even know exist is going to be tough.

Face it: There’s a lot of confusion. There are myths, misconceptions, and misinformation flying around the Internet. Not to mention some good ol’ fashioned skepticism that getting affordable health insurance is way too good to be true.

But our staff and volunteers are fired up to meet this challenge head-on. We’re getting ready to meet consumers in churches, schools, and summer BBQs — wherever we can chat about this opportunity to get families, friends, and neighbors to enroll in affordable health insurance coverage. Look for the #GetCovered campaign on social media, TV, radio, mailboxes, and smartphones, etc.

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