Has Relaunched!

By Liz Hagan

Everyone working on issues relating to the Affordable Care Act is abuzz this week with the news that has relaunched. And for good reason—there are some major improvements to the website. 

For starters, the website is now aimed at consumers and how the law will affect them. There is now very little focus on policy (sorry, policy wonks (!), although you can find those materials relocated elsewhere online). This is an early version of what the website will look like for consumers when they begin applying for and exploring coverage options in October. There is also a Spanish version of the site.

Some of the major changes:

  • A new screening tool that allows consumers to answer a few quick questions and receive a personalized list of coverage options and a checklist to help them get ready to enroll
  • A new opportunity to sign up to receive email and text updates
  • A new 1-800 number and live-chat available 24/7 to answer consumers’ questions

Healthcare dot gov

Although people can’t begin applying for coverage until October, the new  is an important tool to begin educating consumers about their options and preparing them to enroll. 


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