Getting the Word Out on Colorado’s New Health Insurance Marketplace

By Jessica Burnell

Last month, Connect for Health Colorado, Colorado’s new health insurance marketplace, began running a series of fun and informative ads designed to get the word out about the new marketplace and the health coverage options it will provide.



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With the help of Connect for Health Colorado, the vast majority of Colorado’s 770,000 uninsured citizens stand to gain affordable health coverage in the near future. Unfortunately, we’ve found that 78% of the uninsured lacked awareness of the new insurance options that are coming their way.

By creating these ads and videos Connect for Health Colorado has taken an important step towards closing the information gap and ensuring that Coloradans will know how to enroll on October 1st. A widespread and effective marketing campaign like this one will be critical to getting the word out and connecting as many of the uninsured as possible to coverage.

In addition to their TV spots, Connect for Health Colorado has also put together a series of slightly longer videos telling the stories of how the new health insurance marketplace will be able to help groups that often struggle to obtain and afford health insurance, such as small businesses, families, and the self-employed:


Sarah from Denver, Colorado


Brok from Watkins, Colorado


Ken from Bonnie Brae Conoco in Denver, Colorado


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