$150 Million for Community Health Centers

By Liz Hagan

Good news! The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) just announced a $150 million funding opportunity to support health centers in every state with their outreach and enrollment efforts. To learn more about how much money is available for health centers in your state, check out this map from HHS.

Health centers are valuable members of our communities, and important partners for outreach and enrollment efforts. So, as we are all gearing up for open enrollment in October, this funding announcement is welcome news.

As we know, educating the public and raising awareness about new health coverage options is no small task. But this funding will certainly help. It will allow health centers to further their work on outreach and enrollment as well as provide assistance to uninsured patients with eligibility and enrollment. Learn about strategies on outreach and enrollment for health centers.

Every federally-funded health center is eligible for a slice of this $150 million pie. Here’s what’s required for a health center to receive the funding:

  • The health center must increase their current outreach and enrollment capacity by hiring at least one full time staff member dedicated to outreach and enrollment work.
  • Assistance workers at the health center must have expertise in eligibility and enrollment rules and must know about the range of affordable health coverage options.
  • Health centers must also perform specific duties, including having public education activities aimed at raising awareness about coverage options, providing unbiased information to health care consumers, and helping individuals understand and access affordable options.
  • Outreach and Enrollment assistance workers must comply with federal and/or state consumer assistance training.

Applications for funding must be submitted to the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA) by May 31st. For more on the specifics on what is required to receive funding, or to see the level of funding that specific health centers might be eligible to receive, click here.


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