The Single, Streamlined Application is Here!

By Deepak Madala

Last week, CMS released proposed drafts of the model online and paper applications for the new health insurance exchanges. The online application will replace the existing outdated, burdensome enrollment process with a single, streamlined application that anyone can use to apply for nearly all types of coverage – including Medicaid and CHIP – and insurance affordability programs like tax credits and cost-sharing reductions.

Use the following links to access the:

CMS also released these two videos showing the new enrollment process for individuals and families using the online application:




The Affordable Care Act requires a “no wrong door” approach to enrollment. This means that people who are seeking coverage should only need to fill out one application in order to learn which programs they and their family members can enroll in. After January 1, 2014, people will no longer need to submit different applications to different agencies for different health coverage programs. Instead, the agencies must coordinate behind the scenes to make the process easy and straightforward for consumers.

The release of the model applications for this streamlined process is an important step in making this new consumer-centered enrollment system a reality. CMS is currently seeking public comment on the proposed applications through the paperwork reduction act (PRA) process.


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