Summer Reading to Get You through the Dog Days

By Guest Blogger

August is officially here, and for people all over the country that means back-to-school shopping, last minute summer vacations, or squeezing in those last rays of sunshine before the leaves start changing color. For some of us though, the arrival of August brings with it the reminder that we have less then 14 months before tens of millions of Americans will be newly eligible for health coverage. Policy makers nationwide are rolling up their sleeves and starting to tackle questions like: How will consumers find out that there is coverage available? How will they know where to apply? What types of assistance will consumers need and receive?

As you think about the tools that will be needed in your state to make sure people have the assistance they need to get enrolled, we’d like to point out a few new resources that can help guide your work. Enroll America’s own Jessica Kendall partnered with Tricia Brooks from the Georgetown Center for Children and Families on both of the following pieces (and you also can read more about them on the Say Ahhh! blog!):

  • Consumer Assistance in the Digital Age explores how new technological tools will help make enrollment easier and offers best practices in consumer assistance management from other industries. It was written for the National Academy for State Health Policy’s Maximizing Enrollment program (a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative).
  • Countdown to 2014: Designing Navigator Programs to Meet the Needs of Consumers offers an overview of the duties and competencies of navigator programs as well as key questions for policy makers to consider as these programs are designed. It is the first in a series of resources that the Georgetown Center for Children and Families is producing to help policy makers and consumer advocates learn the facts about navigators.

Whether you’re spending August on the beach or in the comfort of an air-conditioned office, we hope you’ll check out these new resources, which are sure to energize you for the work that awaits this fall!


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