Enroll UX2014 – The Future is Now

By Rachel Klein

Today, Enroll America co-hosted our first-ever briefing on Capitol Hill. It was an exciting event for a young organization. But what’s even more exciting is the topic: Enroll UX2014. Many of you may be asking, “What in the world does that mean?” Great question. It means a groundbreaking, customizable, consumer-tested design and model for an interactive online application and enrollment program.

Now, some of you may be wondering why the design for a new online application is so exciting. After all, most of the people reading this blog post are online every day, doing everything from ordering groceries to booking vacations. But one thing that you haven’t done yet (I guarantee it) is apply for health coverage using a single online application that will determine—in real time—whether you and each of your family members are eligible for premium tax credits through an exchange (and let you choose how much of the credit to take in advance and how much to take at tax time), Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or unsubsidized private coverage. And imagine if that single application also let you compare health plans and enroll in coverage. Enroll UX2014 (UX stands for “User Experience”) gives us—and every state and the federal government—the tools and the design needed to put this model to work for the very first time. That is not only exciting, it is revolutionary.

For more than a year, the many partners engaged in this effort have worked to develop a model that meets all the qualifications of the health reform law and is customizable so that every state (and the federal government) can adapt it according to its needs. We’ve featured some of this work in previous blog posts and in a webinar. For those who have been wondering whether states would be able to take the enormous leap forward from largely paper-based applications and eligibility determinations to a truly first-class online user experience, Enroll UX2014 will give states the tools they need to make it happen (for free!). And because 11 states participated in the design development, we hope that many states will take a very close look at the final product. For more information about the partners and the process, check out this video about the project.

Enroll UX2014 is a great first step toward bringing the health coverage enrollment process into the 21st century. We encourage you to take a closer look, share it with your colleagues, and explore whether it might be a helpful tool for your state’s online application. 


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