It’s National Public Health Week!

By Ani Fete

This week is National Public Health Week (NPHW), which the American Public Health Association (APHA) calls “an opportunity to unite around critical public health issues and focus our collective energy on the singular goal of helping people live longer, happier, and healthier lives.” This year’s theme is A Healthier America Begins Today: Join the Movement, and we like to think Enroll America is playing an important role in that movement! At its core, public health is about the improvement of health and the prevention of disease and disability. Health coverage plays an unquestionable role to ensure that people can get the care they need when they need it. Studies have shown that people who are enrolled in health coverage are far more likely to get the preventive care they need and have a usual source of health care than people who are uninsured. This means earlier detection of serious illnesses, like cancer and diabetes, and access to immunizations and screenings that can help prevent diseases.

Interested in learning more about National Public Health Week or finding activities in your state?  Check out the campaign here, and consider getting involved. And remember, being involved in work to ensure that Americans are enrolled in health coverage makes you part of the public health movement, too! 


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