The American Cancer Society’s Call Center Helps Cancer Patients Enroll in Coverage

By Guest Blogger

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, a member of Enroll America’s advisory council, has a new blog post describing the American Cancer Society’s partnership with the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute to help cancer patients navigate the private health insurance market.

Each year, more than 7,000 people call the American Cancer Society’s National Cancer Information Center (NCIC) for help enrolling in health coverage. Trained specialists “gather detailed information about the callers’ needs and circumstances, diagnose the health insurance problem, and offer information about possible solutions.”

The post also highlights the positive impact of the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Programs (PCIPs) on the people who call the NCIC helpline. PCIPs are now covering 50,000 people who have pre-existing conditions that previously kept them out of the private insurance market. In many cases, PCIP enrollees have been diagnosed with, and need treatment for, serious health care conditions such as cancer. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, enrollment in PCIPs increased 400 percent from November 2010 to November 2011.

For more on PCIPs, check out our previous posts about PCIP enrollment efforts in California, New Mexico, New York, and North Carolina.


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