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This blog entry is part of Enroll America’s Technology Tuesdays blog series, and was written by Elisabeth Rodman. Elisabeth is a Health Policy Analyst at Families USA., the website that explains almost everything consumers need to know about the new health care law and their current and future health care options, is designed with many consumer-friendly features. One of those features is the Yellow Box, which consumers can use to offer anonymous feedback on any page of the website, at any time. Consumers can simply say “Yes,” the page was helpful, or “No,” the page was not helpful. There is also space to give more detailed feedback, where consumers can write a comment, question, or concern. Not only does solicit this feedback, but the Department of Health and Human Services (which manages then uses it to constantly improve the website.



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As states create their own exchange websites and online applications for health coverage, it is important that they integrate an easy way for consumers to offer specific feedback, and the feedback received should guide ongoing improvements to the exchange website and enrollment process. No matter how well-designed an exchange website or online application is, actual users will identify trouble spots and areas for improvement. As with the application process itself, the process for providing feedback should be quick, simple, and intuitive—just like the Yellow Box.


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